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A word from Dr. Hanan Abdulwahed Marafie

“Grands Medical by Marafie Clinic” is a family business founded in 2005 with the goal of establishing a legacy of high standards and a respectable code of ethics in the field of pharmacies and parapharmacies, as well as medical establishments.

The name Grands Medical is derived from the standard I would like to set for my grandchildren. For me, maintaining a high quality of health sector services in The Kingdom of Bahrain and contributing to its health tourism is of the utmost importance.

Our success at Grands Medical by Marafie Clinic is the result of a solid foundation of trust and loyalty built over many years and a familial atmosphere in the workplace; as well as a unique and harmonious relationship between our team members.

My mission is to train and advance the upcoming generation of Grands Medical members, in both medical and non-medical fields. Furthermore, my aim is to invest on training in continuing education and uphold a superior quality standard of services to further encourage ambition and excellence in the future generation for the betterment of The Kingdom of Bahrain.

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